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Anyone can apply to be a Member of Eltham Little Theatre.  All members of Eltham Little Theatre (ELT) are either Full Members - those entitled to vote; or Associate Members – who are not entitled to vote. Only persons under the age of 15 years old are eligible to be an Associate Member.

As a community-based organisation, ELT has operated a fee structure with quite modest fees that reflects the broad cross-section of people who belong to the association and is designed to be family-friendly. The fee structure is shown in the following table.


ELT Membership

The financial year of ELT runs from 1 January to 31 December with membership renewal due each year. As it is common to have new members joining in the second half of the year. New members who join after July shall be required to pay only HALF of the relevant membership fee – which shall entitle them to membership until the end of that year.
[Also note: Under the rules governing ELT, members who have not paid their annual fees are NOT able to vote on matters under consideration by the association.]

Your membership entitles you to

    • Voting and Nomination Rights at the Annual General Meeting.

    • Voting Rights at all Special General Meetings held (if any) during the year

    • Chookas Newsletter Subscription

    • Volunteer Insurance Cover

    • Communications on shows and events being organised by Eltham Little Theatre


ELT is a vibrant and busy theatre group offering a variety of productions and constant activity throughout the year. As a volunteer-operated community-based organisation, ELT is dependent upon members to run the show. The operation and functioning of the association – and our ability to maintain our low membership and ticket prices – requires that members do pitch in. Your assistance on Front of House and at Working Bees is expected.

Life Membership

Life memberships are awarded to long standing members who have dedicated time and effort to support ELT in its endeavours. Their association membership is complimentary and they are afforded the special benefit of complimentary tickets to all shows.  All complimentary tickets must be booked to guarantee seat availability.


All volunteers must be Financial members to ensure they are covered by Insurance.  A volunteer is a person working in a capacity as approved by the elected committee that furthers the purpose and goals of Eltham Little Theatre Inc. Association.

A volunteer position within Eltham Little Theatre Inc. Association currently includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Member of the committee

  • Holder of a formal volunteer position in Eltham Little Theatre Inc. Association for example, Technical Liaison or Newsletter Editor.

  • Registered and active participant of one of the Eltham Little Theatre Inc. Association departments in the current year, for example;

Front of House
Set Construction

  •  Member of a production’s cast or crew for the current year

Those running the departments will regularly supply lists of active volunteers to the Ticket Secretary

Enquiries to the Committee

Incorporated Association Rules

Eltham Little Theatre is run as an Incorporated Association, under the guidelines of Consumer Affairs Victoria. Members are encouraged to download and read our modified Rules of Association (as ratified by Special General Meeting in 2013) via the PDF file link below.




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If you love a night out at Eltham Little Theatre, why not join us as an ELT Friend?

For only $10 per year, you will receive a copy of our newsletter as well as advance notice of special theatre events.

You will also be entitled to 15% off all tickets you purchase online during the year. There is no limit to the number of shows or the number of tickets per show.


So join now and let your friends share the great value and entertainment that is Eltham Little Theatre!

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We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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