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Season 5

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Clue: On Stage - by Jonathan Lynn

Directed by Luisa Romeo.

The classic board game is brought to life in Clue: On Stage!


Six guests are invited to a dinner party thrown by an anonymous host. They are given aliases - Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet.


Though discouraged from revealing personal information, it is soon discovered that all of them have fallen victim to the same blackmailer, their very host of the evening.


Each is presented with a weapon and an option: pay their extortionist double, or kill the innocent butler. What follows is a madcap, slapstick evening full of murder, mystery, and laughs as they seek to puzzle out the culprit amongst criminals. 

Book a seat at a table, or better yet, book a whole table and bring some friends!  With our table seating, you'll be able to bring some food and beverages and alcohol can be purchased at the theatre.

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