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One Act Plays

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Der Kriminalkommissar

Directed by Roderick Chappel



The play is set in Hamburg, in northern Germany, in February 1940. Erika, a respected surgeon, and her husband Martin, a professor of physics, have a small son, Alexander. Because of the oppressive society created by Hitler’s regime, Erika is determined to escape Germany with her family. Erika has arranged for a resistance group to smuggle them all to Denmark, but Martin is reluctant to go. Then, on the night of their planned departure, a senior police officer – a Kriminalkommissar - arrives unexpectedly at their home. It gradually emerges that he knows about the escape plan. Erika and Martin face disaster, and then secrets are revealed with profound implications for the future of their family.


Erika Lindner (a surgeon)           - Del Jordan

Martin Lindner (a professor)    - Samuel Chappel

Kriminalkommissar Mueller     - James Chappel

Alexander Lindner (their son)  - Carmen Aguilar

Inspector Beckman                        - James Banger

No Chocolates by Request

Directed by Del Jordan

Alan’s life was actually pretty good, until quite recently.  Then something happened - death.  It's the end of all relationships.  But is it the end?  Due to some unfinished business and a shady relationship, Alan’s wife needs him now more than ever.  When you add the in-laws, a criminal element, a psychic neighbour and a box of chocolates to the story it's not long before you see why Alan finds it hard to move on.

Alan                                                 - Warrick Smith

Gabby                                            - Sophie Stewart

Carol                                               - Alison Jones

Sophia                                           - Jennifer Mettner

Brian                                               - Steve Saul

Carter                                            - James Banger

Caruthers                                   - Anthony Fogas

Slim                                                 - Travis Eccles

The Patient

Directed by Carol Owen

The first relationships we forge are with our family. The Patient’s family was no different. Certainly she had established relationships with her husband and siblings but were they solid and healthy or were they festering with secrets below the surface.   The Patient survived a near fatal tumble from the second storey balcony.  Did one of her family have anything to do with it? Was it an accident, a suicide attempt or did a relationship turn sour?  Inspector Cray has a plan to unearth the truth and expose a broken relationship before it’s too late.


William Ross                  - James Banger

Dr Ginsberg                    - Adrian Quintarelli

Inspector Cray             - Warrick Smith

Emmeline Ross            - Ada Jean

Bryan Wingfield          - Anthony Fogas

Brenda Jackson          - Elisa Bullock

Jenny Wingfield          - Kim Rosman

Nurse Bond                     - Del Jordan

Lansen                               -Carol Owen

Thursday, April 28, May 5 8:00 PM

Friday, April 22, 29, May 6 8:00 PM

Saturday, April 23, 30, May 7 8:00 PM

Sunday, May 1 2:00 PM