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Are you a director and interested in directing at Eltham Little Theatre? Our play selection committee would love to hear from you.

The current play selection committee membership is:

Kath Buckingham (Convenor)

James Banger

James Chappel

Roderick Chappel

Gareth Clarke

Jackie Fraser

Marti Ibrahim

Alison Jones

Simon Laidler

Trudi Walters

We would love to hear your ideas. One Act plays, rehearsed play readings, full length plays, choir, dance and any other production ideas you may have.

Send your ideas to the play selection committee including the dates you are available. Email

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Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March 2022

What is Wind in the Willows about?

Wind in the Willows is a musical that relates to the adventures of several animal friends and neighbours in the English countryside - primarily Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger.

When Toad gets himself into trouble due to his love of motorcars, his friends try to help him come to his senses. When Toad is prevented from returning home to Toad Hall for a while, it is taken over by the weasels and stoats. A climactic battle ensues. Can the friends evict the interlopers and reinstate Toad in Toad Hall?

Although the animals converse, philosophize, and behave like humans, each creature also retains its distinctive animal habits. The Wind in the Willows is more than just a fanciful children's story. It is also a lesson about how true friendship can overcome any obstacle.

The choreography and costumes will be designed in a 1930-40s cabaret jazz style (top hat and tails, feathers, fans).

General Audition Information

Auditions are open to anyone between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age. Many of the roles can be played by either a female or a male. We are looking for enthusiastic and confident performers. Acting, dancing and singing skills are required for all characters. Strong dancing ability for the choreography would be a bonus. Roles will be assigned based on presentation and engagement on audition day.

Successful auditionees will need to attend rehearsals during March April, May and June on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Other rehearsals may be arranged as required. Further details will be supplied after casting.

Please be aware that those who make it into the cast will need to become a member of Eltham Little Theatre at a cost of $15 and pay a production fee of $150 dollars which goes to cover costuming costs and a show hoodie.

Being involved in a youth musical production at Eltham Little Theatre is a big commitment, not just for the child wishing to perform but also for the family. There is an expectation that successful cast will attend all rehearsals scheduled on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings from April through to the July performances. As those performances get closer, more rehearsals may need to be scheduled and it is expected that all cast will attend. Cast are also expected to learn and practice lines, song lyrics and choreography in their own time.

Rehearsals will begin directly after the completion of the auditions and the appointment of the cast.

Eltham Little Theatre’s 2022 production of 'Wind in the Willows’ will take place across the 2nd term school holidays.

Character Descriptions


Session 1 - Character Roles


Stage Age 13-16 years, 7 songs

Mole is a main character. A sensible animal, yet generous and extremely loyal to his friends. He is closest of all to Rat, the animal who teaches him the value of exploration after he leaves his home in the first chapter. Since Mole is an underground animal by nature, his journey into the upper world near the river poses the novel's first main conflict. A 'younger' character than Rat or Badger, Mole serves as our first lens into the story, as he slowly matures from a frightened animal into a self-reliant, brave and clever companion. Although originally a male character I am open to Mole being played by a female. Must have a strong singing voice



Stage Age 15-18 years, 5 Songs

Ratty is a main character. The river animal Rat is kind, sociable, and accommodating. He has a strong sense of manners and responsibility, so he wants to make sure everyone around him feels comfortable and included. Rat prefers to stay near the water because it is his home, but he also enjoys traveling with his friends. Though loyal to all his friends, Rat cares most for Mole, whom he invites to live with him and to whom he acts as mentor. In this way, he is an 'older' animal than Mole is. Must have a strong singing voice



Stage Age 13-16 years, 4 Songs

Toad is the flightiest and pettiest main character. Possesses a combination of immaturity and unrestrained wealth. He represents the British upper class, as he is an aristocrat living in his large inherited estate, Toad Hall, and has a snooty attitude towards those of lower class. The 'youngest' of the animals, he is quick to pick up and then dismiss expensive hobbies, most notably with motorcars. And yet Toad is often described by critics as the novel's most complex character, partly because he also cares deeply for his friends. They in turn worry about his habits, and eventually help him embody a more mature and grounded attitude towards life. To play this “ big” personality you will need to have strong and flamboyant acting skills and be ready to play a quirky character.



Stage Age 15-18 years, 2 Songs

The 'oldest' of the animals, Badger is a stoic and solitary main character who lives in the Wild Wood. While he is friendly and hospitable, caring deeply for his friends, he also eschews proper etiquette as a result of his removed, underground life. Because of both his seriousness and his gruffness, he is the one who works hardest to reform Toad's habits.


Chief Weasel

Stage Age 13-18 years, 2 Songs

Chief weasel is a sinister main character. This Wild Wood animal leads the weasels and stoats while they live in Toad Hall. Some dancing skills would be a bonus but not essential


Lady Weasel

Stage Age 13-18 years, 2 Songs

Lady weasel is a sinister character. This Wild Wood animal leads the weasels and stoats while they live in Toad Hall. Some dancing skills would be a bonus but not essential


Driver and Passengers

Stage Age 10-18 years, 2 Songs

These are supporting roles that inspire toad to purchase a car which becomes his fanatical obsession that eventually leads him into trouble.



Stage Age 10-18 years, 1 Song

Granddaughter is a supporting role who serves Toad food and gives him support when he is in jail/the dungeon. Some dancing skills would be a bonus but not essential.



Session 2 – Ensemble

Field Mice

Stage Age 10-18 years, 2 Songs

These animals are the chorus who visit Mole's home while he and Rat are preparing their home for winter.



Stage Age 10-18 years, 2 Songs

These Wild Wood animals are the chorus or supporting roles who take over Toad Hall while Toad is in jail. The main group of friends have to devise a secret plan in order to defeat the Wild Wood animals and commandeer the house.


Auditions and Registration


Session 1 - Character Roles only Auditions

Please register the sessions you would like to attend.

Session 1 Saturday 26th March at 9:00am to 12:30pm


Session 1 Sunday 27th March at 9:00am to 12:30pm

The audition will consist of 3 parts

  • Singing: Prepare a song or part of a song (approx. 1 minute) to sing at your audition. This song should demonstrate your ability to project, sing clearly and be on key. The song chosen should be from a stage or film musical, not a pop song. If you require backing music please bring it along either on a stick drive or your phone.

  • Acting: You will be asked to read from a partial script (sent to you once you have registered) with other auditionees. Please take the time to review it and understand what is happening in the scene. You could be asked to read any or all of the parts so it is important that you familiarise yourself with all roles.

  • Choreography: The group will participate in Session 2, learning a song and accompanying choreography.

Session 2 - Ensemble Auditions

Please register the sessions you would like to attend.

Session 2 Saturday 26th March at 11:00am to 12:30pm


Session 2 Sunday 27th March at 11:00am to 12:30pm

The audition will consist of

  • Choreography & Singing: All auditionees will participate in learning a group song and accompanying choreography.


Book an audition

Please click or tap here to register for the audition of your choice.

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Eltham Little Theatre has a long and happy tradition of working with youth in the theatre. Since ELT’s inception in 1958 there has been a production specifically for youth performers for nearly every one of those years.

It is only in recent times that we have been able to offer any sort of theatre craft education classes on a weekend. As you may imagine, due to the volunteer nature of our organisation, lessons we are able to provide depend heavily on individual member availability each year.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming youth activities at the theatre please email our youth coordinators.

Youth Classes – General information

Our courses are run for 10 to 18 year olds with separate classes for primary and secondary students. The program explores acting and role play, script reading, monologues and audition preparation. We also look at theatre craft and the importance of staging, lighting, sound, sets, costumes, props and how these things impact an actor’s performance.

When available, classes run within the school term for an average of 7 to 8 weeks in duration. Start times and days can vary but usually classes are held on a Saturday morning between 10 and 12 depending and run for 1 hour’s duration.

Lessons will be focussed on various aspects of theatre work each term including but not limited to the following subjects:

  • audition techniques and preparation

  • theatre craft

  • script reading

  • script interpretation

  • improvisation

  • acting techniques

  • musical theatre