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SEASON 6 - Get Smart

Eltham Little Theatre is proud to bring Get Smart to the stage in November 2022!


ELT’s annual end of year show features cabaret-style seating, BYO food and drinks and raffles with awesome prizes!

This show regularly brings in amazing audiences (dozens of tickets have already been sold!!) and we are now looking for our awesome cast to bring the show to life.

A note from the Directors

Hello and thank you for your interest in Get Smart!

There has been a lot of interest in the show already and we are excited to meet everybody at auditions.


One of the best things about the show is that there are over 25 roles for all levels of experience and involvement. We are so excited to be able to include a large number of people in the show and aim to cast each role individually with the option for some double ups in the ensemble roles if required.


Below we have given an indication of what the roles would include by classifying them as Lead, Supporting and Ensemble. This will give you an indication of what is required in terms of rehearsal and on stage time, lines to memorise etc. Every single role is important to bringing the show together, so please take the time to read all of the descriptions and think about the many ways there are to be involved in the show (if something like backstage or tech would also interest you please let us know at auditions as well!!).


We can’t wait to meet you all at auditions and get to know you through the rehearsal period.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at: or via the ELT Facebook page.


See you soon and good luck, Bella and Luisa.

Read Through

Thursday 11 August, 7pm.  Eltham Little Theatre - Rehearsal room

Group Audition Dates

Sunday 14 August, 11am

Monday 15 August, 7pm

Auditions will be conducted in a group setting, as we are particularly interested in how you interact with other actors and creating the right group dynamic. As Get Smart will have a large cast, it is important that we have the perfect mix. During the audition, you will be asked to do a cold read of some key scenes of the script, depending on the characters you would like to audition for.

Book an audition

Please book your audition here.

Or email the directors.

Auditions are strictly limited, so book now to secure your spot!

Rehearsals & Key Dates

We will hold rehearsals thrice weekly from September 20th usually on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, with some rehearsals before this for leading and supporting roles.


An indicative rehearsal schedule can be provided upon request, however we ask that you let us know if there are any dates you already know you will be unavailable for. This will not impact our casting decision, but will assist us to create a final rehearsal schedule.


It is important to note that as Get Smart will have a large cast, you will not be expected to attend every rehearsal, you will be notified which dates you are expected. T


Here will be nine performances on the following dates:

- Friday 11th November

- Saturday 12th November

- Sunday 13th November (Matinee)

- Friday 18th November

- Saturday 19th November

- Sunday 20th November (Matinee)

- Thursday 24th November

- Friday 25th November

- Saturday 26th November

- Sunday 27th November (Bump out)

Character Descriptions

Please note, we have not provided suggested genders or age ranges for any of the roles because we do not want this to be a barrier to auditioning. We encourage you to audition for any roles that interest you!!


Unless otherwise noted in the character description, all characters should use a standard American or transatlantic accent.


Maxwell Smart (Lead)

Max is our bumbling, beloved protagonist. Known for his iconic one-liners and dedication to fighting evil in the most inefficient ways possible, we can’t help but love him. Taking cues from the formidable Don Adams, we are looking for someone who can show the audience the Max they know and love, but can also make the character their own.

Agent 99 (Lead)

99 is Max’s level-headed sidekick and often love interest, who counter’s Max’s zaniness. We are looking for a slick, chic and smart spy who knows how to hold their own.


Chief (Lead)

Chief heads up CONTROL and somehow manages to keep Max and the rest of the crew in line (most of the time!). We are looking for someone to capture Chief’s authority as well as his good natured and comedic side.


Mr Big (Lead)

Our resident villain, Mr Big represents KAOS and all of their devious plans. While the name does not reflect Big’s visual appearance, Mr Big makes up for it with his personality. We are looking for an actor who is comfortable with visual comedy gags and an occasional evil laugh.


Miss Finch (Supporting)

An efficient secretary to The Chief, Miss Finch is the epitome of polish and efficiency. We are looking for someone who can stand alongside the Chief and create order in the CONTROL office, with poise and elegance.


Professor Zalinka (Supporting)

Zalinka is a no-nonsense professor with a thick Eastern-European accent. She is stern, serious and has no time for pleasantries with her students or Smart. Zalinka needs to have a commanding presence on stage, as she always knows more than she says.


Princess Ingrid (Supporting)

Ingrid is a member of the Swedish royal family who knew Max in her early youth. She is bright, adventurous and full of life, even if it might be to her detriment. We are looking for someone who can show the curious and cheeky side of Ingrid while not making her immature.


Garth (Supporting)

Garth is Mr Big’s henchman who provides the muscle for his operation. Leading the three assassins Garth is not the brains by any means. Working well with the 4 other actors who are a part of KAOS will be essential to bringing this character to the stage.


Agent 13 (Supporting)

As the name suggests, 13 is not known for his luck. 13 is often put into unfortunate situations (including blending in with rubbish bins) and doesn’t particularly enjoy his woeful working conditions. From excitement to utter misery 13 feels deeply and with a bit of unique flair.


Agent 44 (Supporting)

44 is struggling a bit at work and often bursts out into tears on the job. Despite his emotional state 44 provides great comedic relief. We are looking for someone someone who is comfortable with physical comedy and bold emotions.


Professor Dante (Supporting)

A professor working alongside Zalinka, Dante is the one you want marking your assessment at the end of semester. Dante is the brains of the invention, but with a more nervous and humble, wanting his work to stand for itself.


Hodgkins. (Supporting)

CONTROL’s master of tech, who creates weird and wacky inventions to help the team. He is very serious about his job and dislikes interference from


Max. Mary, Shirley and Betsy (Ensemble Roles)

Three sisters who work for KAOS, they are ruthless and cunning assassins. Ideally there will be some key similarity between the actors playing the sisters which will be heightened when they dress alike. In a Charlie’s Angels esq trio, these women know how to fight and are not afraid of the CONTROL agents.


Myra, Helen, Jane and Fred (Ensemble Roles)

Four university students enrolled in Zalinka’s class. These 4 are thick as thieves, bonded by their love for Professor Dante and fear of Zalinka. These are 4 energetic individuals who want to learn and use their intelligence to make the world a better place.


Ann, Jill, May and Laura (Ensemble Roles)

Four unfortunate characters kidnapped by KAOS, all sporting the same blonde hair (which can be a wig!!) but with very different features otherwise. These women provide fantastic comedic relief both physically and verbally.


Man and Woman (Ensemble Roles)

Two travelers at a bus station. While these characters may only have a few lines, they are pivotal for the plot line. (This would be a great parts for someone new to the stage or who is happy to help with crew and have a small cameo)


Big Sister/Little Sister (Ensemble Roles)

Two innocent bystanders who we encounter around the town. Ideally, the sisters will be polar opposites, but both are amazingly naive to what is going on around them throughout the show.




Eltham Little Theatre has a long and happy tradition of working with youth in the theatre. Since ELT’s inception in 1958 there has been a production specifically for youth performers for nearly every one of those years.

It is only in recent times that we have been able to offer any sort of theatre craft education classes on a weekend. As you may imagine, due to the volunteer nature of our organisation, lessons we are able to provide depend heavily on individual member availability each year.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming youth activities at the theatre please email our youth coordinators.

Youth Classes – General information

Our courses are run for 10 to 18 year olds with separate classes for primary and secondary students. The program explores acting and role play, script reading, monologues and audition preparation. We also look at theatre craft and the importance of staging, lighting, sound, sets, costumes, props and how these things impact an actor’s performance.

When available, classes run within the school term for an average of 7 to 8 weeks in duration. Start times and days can vary but usually classes are held on a Saturday morning between 10 and 12 depending and run for 1 hour’s duration.

Lessons will be focussed on various aspects of theatre work each term including but not limited to the following subjects:

  • audition techniques and preparation

  • theatre craft

  • script reading

  • script interpretation

  • improvisation

  • acting techniques

  • musical theatre