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Are you a director and interested in directing at Eltham Little Theatre? Our play selection committee would love to hear from you.

The current play selection committee membership is:

Kath Buckingham (Convenor)

James Banger

James Chappel

Roderick Chappel

Gareth Clarke

Jackie Fraser

Marti Ibrahim

Alison Jones

Simon Laidler

Trudi Walters

We would love to hear your ideas. One Act plays, rehearsed play readings, full length plays, choir, dance and any other production ideas you may have.

Send your ideas to the play selection committee including the dates you are available. Email

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High School Musical Jr

ELT's Youth Production - Directed by Bella Preston & Jules Cunningham

A note from the Director

Everyone has dreams. While some dream of being the start of the basketball team or science decathlon, others hope to be the lead in the school musical. In Disney’s High School Musical Jr, a group of teenagers struggle to go for their dreams, and be what they want to be despite how others try to confine them.

We will be looking to fill the character roles with 13 to 17 year old (at time of audition) cast members. Everyone that is interested is encouraged to audition as there are many roles with many different talents from singing, acting, dancing etc.

Directors- Isabella Preston and Jules Cunningham

Musical Director – Isabella Preston

Choreographer – Jules Cunningham

Read Through

Not applicable

Group Audition Dates

Monday 27 March

7pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday 29 March

7pm - 8:30pm

❖ All auditionees must prepare and learn a short monologue. (no more than 2 minutes)

❖ We will all be singing: 

1. We are all in this together;

2. Stick to the Status Quo and

3. Bop to the top

If you want to audition for a lead or support singing role, please prepare a musical theatre song. You can bring a backing track or sing acapello.

❖ Bring a water bottle and comfy clothes.

Book an audition

To book an audition time go to:

For further information email:

Rehearsals & Key Dates

Rehearsal days - Wednesday evenings, Sunday afternoons; times TBA

Performance Dates:

Sat 1 st July 1pm and 5pm

Sun 2nd July 1pm

Sat 8th July 1pm and 5pm

Sun 9th July 1pm

Sat 15th July 1pm and 5pm

Sun 16th July 1pm


Character Descriptions

Troy Bolton (M) - Captain of the basketball team. Strong singer/dancer

Gabriella Montez (F) - The shy, intelligent new girl. Very strong singer.

Chad Danforth (M) - No 2 on the basketball team. Strong singer

Zeke Baylor (M) - Has a secret passion for baking. Strong singer

Sharpay Evans(F)  - President of the Drama Club. Strong singer/Dancer

Ryan Evans (M or F)  - Vice President of the Drama Club. Sharpay’s fraternal . twin, strong singer/dancer

Coach Bolton (M) - Troys Dad, Basketball Coach

Kelsi Nielson (F)  - Mousey composer of Juliet and Romeo

Taylor Mckessie (F)  - President of the Science Club Singer

Ms Darbus (F) - Eccentric Drama Teacher

Martha Cox (F) - Kind and funny Singer/Dancer 

James (M)  - Sings off key

Susan (F)  - Over the top acting

Cathy (F) -  Big Voice

Cyndra (F)  - Has operatic aspirations

Jack Scott (M or F)  - The quirky PA announcer.

Drum Major (M or F) - Also Ensemble

Kratnoff (M)  - Also Ensemble

Moderator (M or F)  - Also Ensemble

Ms Tenny (F)  - Also Ensemble



Wildcat Cheerleaders, Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians, Skater Dudes, Party Kids, Fans/Spectator, Science Decathlon




Eltham Little Theatre has a long and happy tradition of working with youth in the theatre. Since ELT’s inception in 1958 there has been a production specifically for youth performers for nearly every one of those years.

It is only in recent times that we have been able to offer any sort of theatre craft education classes on a weekend. As you may imagine, due to the volunteer nature of our organisation, lessons we are able to provide depend heavily on individual member availability each year.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming youth activities at the theatre please email our youth coordinators.

Youth Classes – General information

Our courses are run for 10 to 18 year olds with separate classes for primary and secondary students. The program explores acting and role play, script reading, monologues and audition preparation. We also look at theatre craft and the importance of staging, lighting, sound, sets, costumes, props and how these things impact an actor’s performance.

When available, classes run within the school term for an average of 7 to 8 weeks in duration. Start times and days can vary but usually classes are held on a Saturday morning between 10 and 12 depending and run for 1 hour’s duration.

Lessons will be focussed on various aspects of theatre work each term including but not limited to the following subjects:

  • audition techniques and preparation

  • theatre craft

  • script reading

  • script interpretation

  • improvisation

  • acting techniques

  • musical theatre

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