We welcome you and look forward to entertaining you at Eltham Little Theatre. As a small theatre located in the outskirts of Melbourne, we endeavour to inspire and entertain both our audience and actors.  Our little theatre with a BIG HEART has developed deep roots in the local Nillumbuk community and with a passion for storytelling we provide an exceptional theatre experience for the young and old. 


Please join us for a night out in support of the STAGE ARTS.






As Victoria makes slow progress toward emerging from lockdown, the ELT committee has reluctantly decided to cancel our remaining seasons for 2021.


The Long Road, originally planned as our next show,  is now scheduled to be performed as a special extra season after season 1 in 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to our little theatre next year. Stay tuned for further announcements of our plans and stay safe.

Our light is on.

The details for the auditions are as follows:

Cast required 2 male, 2 female to play the following parts:

Richard Hannay - Male - aged (to play) mid to late 30s. Suave, sophisticated, a bit of a ladies man but also vulnerable. (English accent)

Annabella/Pamela/Margaret - Female - aged (to play) late 20s. Multiple female characters who are spies, housewives, love interests and a whole lot more. (German/Scottish/English accents)

Clown 1 - Male - aged 18+ to play multiple characters of multiple genders.

Clown 2 - Female - aged 18+ to play multiple characters of multiple genders.

Note to auditionees: The Clown roles play somewhere in the vicinity of 30+ characters. The ability to perform a variety of accents (Scottish/English/Cockney/various) will be well regarded.

Auditions are scheduled early so cast can be books down much earlier in the rehearsal period.

First audition is a 30 minute (approx) group audition. If required, a call back may be requested.

Group Audition 1:

Monday September 6th - 7:30pm

Group Audition 2:

Tuesday September 7th - 7:30pm

Book your audition times here: https://www.trybooking.com/BTGZB

Call backs (invitation only) - Tuesday 31 August 7pm

Rehearsals are planned for Sunday afternoons as well as Tuesday and Thursday evenings commencing from the end of October (at the theatre) though some read throughs will occur prior. Due to the nature of the play, attendance is required at most/all rehearsals. If unable to make some dates, let us know at the time of the audition.

Production week commences 06 February 2022. Show dates Feb 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27 (matinee), March 2, 3, 4. Bump out 5 March - all cast must attend bump out.

Do you love theatre but can't see yourself on stage? Do we have an opportunity for you!

Eltham Little Theatre is always looking for volunteers to help out in the many behind-the-scenes roles that play an essential part in staging our productions.

For the technically minded, there is light and sound design, as well as operating light and sound during each show. All the thrills of live theatre from the comfort of our 'bio' box!

For those creative in other areas, there are many opportunities in set design, set building, costume design and sourcing, prop gathering and set dressing.

And of course, no theatre experience is complete without a warm greeting on arrival and friendly treatment throughout the evening. Our front of house staff are responsible for making this happen and are always ready to accept new volunteers.

Enjoy the theatre in a whole new way. Join us!

Further details here. Enquiries by email.


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Calling all actors! Young and old, established and new. Check our latest audition notices to get involved. 


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Volunteer your skills whether it be in lighting, costume, set creation or marketing. We need you!


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