2018 SEASON 2

One Act Plays

Performance dates

April - May, 2018

Thursday 3rd, 10th May

Friday  27th Apr, 4th, 11th May
Saturday 28th Apr, 5th, 12th May

Sunday matinee 29th Apr, 6th May

7:30pm for 8:00pm start

(Sunday matinees 1:30 for 2:00pm)


$25.00 full

$20.00 concession

Enquiries to the Ticket Secretary

0411 713 095



Red Hot in Amsterdam

by Patricia Robinson

Running from Amsterdam police, diamond thieves Frank and Mickey find an open window, clamber inside, and discover they are in a brothel! They hide the diamonds and escape, planning to return later.

Chaos ensues!

A Fete Worse than Death

by Chris Hodson

The Reverend Goode has trouble on his hands. The annual church fete is approaching and there are rumblings within the church community that something needs to be done to "jazz it up a bit". A very funny look at how St Swithen's is forced to move with the times.

Home is the Hunted

by R.F. Delderfield

Oscar has just been sentenced to a long stretch in prison - again! After leaving the court he escapes home to hide. His women welcome him with open arms and enter wholeheartedly into making various impractical and hilarious plans to conceal him. A slapstick cockney comedy romp!

Roses are Red, My Love (removed from programme - see note right)

by Pat Woods

A dialogue between two 'old dears' who turn out to be not quite what they seem. Both vie for prizes in the local Garden Club, but who makes the 'killing'?


Unfortunately, it has been necessary for one of the four originally scheduled one-act plays, Roses are Red My Love, to be cut from the remainder of the season. This is because the combined length of the 4 performances proved to be too great.


This difficult decision is in no way a reflection of the hard work put in by the director and cast. It is simply a matter of this play having the smallest cast, so its cancellation affected the smallest number of people. ELT offers sincere apologies for this oversight to the Director Denis Kuchmar, Belinda Pearson, Patricia McCracken-Tonkin and patrons who specifically wished to see this play.

We believe that ELT audiences will still be thoroughly entertained by our newly-defined season of three wonderful short comedies: Red Hot in Amsterdam, A Fete Worse Than Death, and Home Is The Hunted.