Season 1

The Importance of Being Earnest

February 23 - March 4

Written By: Oscar Wilde
Directed by: Brad Buckingham

Algernon and Jack are good friends who conveniently but deceptively take on different identities depending on whether they are in the town or the country. Confusion and misunderstandings ensue when Jack proposes to Algernon’s cousin Gwendolyn under the pseudonym of ‘Ernest’, and Algernon proposes to Jack’s ward Cecily - also under the pseudonym of ‘Ernest’. In truth, no one is particularly earnest, except the imperious Lady Bracknell, who takes a dim view of everything.

Season 2

One Act Play Season

April 27 - May 12

Red Hot in Amsterdam

by Patricia Robinson

Running from Amsterdam police, diamond thieves Frank and Mickey find an open window, clamber inside, and discover they are in a brothel! They hide the diamonds and escape, planning to return later.

Chaos ensues!

A Fete Worse than Death

by Chris Hodson

The Reverend Goode has trouble on his hands. The annual church fete is approaching and there are rumblings within the church community that something needs to be done to "jazz it up a bit". A very funny look at how St Swithen's is forced to move with the times.

Home is the Hunted

by R.F. Delderfield

Oscar has just been sentenced to a long stretch in prison - again! After leaving the court he escapes home to hide. His women welcome him with open arms and enter wholeheartedly into making various impractical and hilarious plans to conceal him. A slapstick cockney comedy romp!

Roses are Red, My Love (removed from programme after first week. See here for details.)

by Pat Woods

A dialogue between two 'old dears' who turn out to be not quite what they seem. Both vie for prizes in the local Garden Club, but who makes the 'killing'?

Season 3

Wonder in Aliceland

July 6 - 22

Inspired by the book by: Lewis Carrol

Adapted by: Jo Denver

Music by: Don Woodward
Directed by: Rebecca Fleming

Produced with the permission of Maverick Musicals and Plays

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, first published in 1865, has enchanted both young and old for generations. 

This show has been chosen to pay tribute to the previous two Alice shows which have been performed at Eltham in the past 60 years. It is a modern, musical adaptation of Lewis Carrol's classic Alice in Wonderland -  a colourful, comedic, enthusiastic and inclusive show for families to enjoy. Sparkling entertainment for all. You are guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face.


On Golden Pond

September 7 - 22

Written By: Ernest Thompson
Directed by: Roderick Chappel

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc New York

On Golden Pond is a classic American comedy/ drama that's every bit as touching, warm, and witty today as when it debuted on Broadway in 1979. Retired couple Ethel and Norman Thayer spend every summer at their home on Golden Pond. This year, their adult daughter visits, bringing along her 13-year-old son. The turbulent relationship between father and daughter, the generation gap between young and old, and the difficulties facing a couple in the twilight years of a long marriage, all combine in a play that gives us unique insight into the modern American family.

Season 5


November 15 - December 1

Written By: Joe Orton
Directed by: Michelle Swann

By arrangement with Origin™ Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd.

A black farce masterpiece, Loot follows the fortunes and misfortunes of two young amateur thieves, Hal and Dennis. Dennis is a hearse driver for a funeral parlour. After robbing the bank next door they hide-out with the loot in Hal’s home. Hal's mother has just died and the pair conceal the money in her coffin, hiding the body in a cupboard. Playing with all the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a world gone mad and examines in detail mid-century English attitudes.

Awards Night

2018 Awards Night and Season 2019 Launch


A special night for members only as we look back at our 60th anniversary year and celebrate individual and team excellence. This is also the launch of our 2019 season.