Auditions will be held at Eltham Little Theatre (1603 Main Road, Research) for our first season 2020 production: The Sum of Us by David Stevens, directed by Samuel Chappel.

The Sum Of Us


Auditions will be from 7:30 PM, Monday 25 November and Tuesday 26 November (by appointment).


Auditions are open, no bookings or preparation required.

However, if you would like to confirm attendance or request a copy of the script, feel free to contact the director by email or by phone at 0434 413 595.

Season and rehearsal information:


The season runs from February 14 - 29.

Please check that the season information suits your schedule before considering booking an audition.

Rehearsals will take place in the Eltham Little Theatre rehearsal room. Access via the lower car park.


Set in Footscray in the late 80s, this heart-warming and humorous play explores the relationship between an aging widower and his gay son. After meeting in a local pub, Jeff and a young gardener, Greg, hit it off and begin to date. When he meets Jeff’s remarkably accepting Dad, Greg begins to back off. Meanwhile, Dad also has a new flame: a woman he met through a dating service. Put off by Jeff’s homosexuality, prosaic Joyce, too, pulls away, just before Dad suffers a stroke.


Published in 1990, The Sum of Us was originally a hit Off Broadway. It is the 3rd play in Stevens’ ‘A Currency Trilogy’. It was subsequently adapted into a 1994 film starring Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe.

Audition details:


Auditionees will be asked to read from the script on the night.


Harry (Dad)

Male, 45+, affably inappropriate

Jeff (Son)

Male, 18+, chip off the old block


Male, 18+, a gardener, Jeff’s love interest


Female, 40+, a divorcee, Harry’s love interest