Auditions will be held at Eltham Little Theatre (1603 Main Road, Research) for our third season 2019 production: Look Back in Anger by John Osborne, directed by Drew Mason.

Look Back in Anger


Auditions will be from 11 AM to 2 PM, Saturday 20 April and from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, Tuesday 23 April.



Jimmy Porter plays trumpet badly. He browbeats his flatmate, terrorises his wife, and is not above sleeping with her best friend-who loathes Jimmy almost as much as he loathes himself.  Yet this working class Hamlet, the original "Angry Young Man", is one of the most mesmerising characters ever to burst onto a stage; a malevolently vital, volcanically. articulate internal exile in the dreary, dreaming Siberia of postwar England. A realistic portrayal of toxic masculinity and the impacts that irate tirades have on the ones we "love". First produced in 1956, Look Back in Anger launched a revolution in English theatre: stark realism to contrast the previous decades of escapism. Savagely, sadly and always impolitely, it compels audiences to acknowledge the hidden currents of rottenness and rage in what used to be called "the good life".

Please Note:


Auditions will be open call rather than appointments.  Auditionees will be provided scenes to perform together.  I am very much looking for how actors can work off each other and influence each other.


Please plan on spending some time at the audition.

Scripts can be made available by contacting the director or from the VDL Library.


Please email or ring the director (9382 6284) to register your interest in attending the audition, and mention which audition date you prefer.



Jimmy Porter - M mid to late 20s

Angry, disgruntled with the world and Britain in particular.  Verbally abusive, without realising. Provides constant tirades to his wife, his mate, his lover. He is a disconcerting mixture of sincerity and cheerful malice, of tenderness and freebooting cruelty. Working class, but well educated. Substantial role


Allison Porter - F mid to late 20s

A woman from an upper class background, and Jimmy’s wife. She is drawn to Jimmy’s energy, but also exhausted by their constant fighting. Jimmy accuses her of being too complacent and lacking “enthusiasm”. She feels stuck between her upper class upbringing and the working class world of her husband. Large role.

Cliff Lewis - M mid to late 20s

A kind man of working class background, and a good friend and roommate to both Jimmy and Alison. He lives with the couple, and helps to keep them together. Cliff is “easy and relaxed, almost to lethargy, with the rather sad, natural intelligence of the self-taught.” Welsh accent required. Large role.


Helena Charles - F mid to late 20s

Alison’s upper class friend, who comes to stay with the couple while acting in a play, and ends up having an affair with Jimmy after Alison leaves him. She is described as having a “sense of matriarchal authority” that “makes most men who meet her anxious.” Large role.


Colonel Redfern - M 50+

Allison's father. He is “gentle” and “kindly,” but also “brought up to command respect, but feels that his previous sense of authority is declining along with his status. Small role.