Sat 13th March 2021 & Sun 14th March 2021

If you are between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age Eltham Little Theatre invites you to audition for their production of Peter Pan Jr. which will be performed on the weekends between the 26th of June and the 10th of July. Rehearsals will be on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, starting on the 21st of March.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, everyone is welcome to audition. We are looking for enthusiastic performers who can help bring this classic children’s story to life.

This show is first and foremost a musical. Singing well, the ability to learn movement quickly, and to bring passion and enthusiasm to each musical number are all prerequisites for all cast. Those trying out for a lead speaking role need to demonstrate confidence, voice projection and the ability to show emotion. Being able to listen and follow direction is also desirable. It is a big commitment to be part of a production so you need to be reliable and hardworking.

Everyone attending auditions will be asked to sing as part of a group. A song will be learnt on the day for this purpose. You will also be taught a small dance and asked to read from the script.

If auditioning to be a Brave Girl, dancing experience would be an advantage.

Let us know if you have any other skills that may be of use to us such as gymnastics or calisthenics. Anyone can audition for the part of a Pirate or Lost Boy however the character must be played as a male.

Lead and Supporting characters

Some lead and support characters sing solo during the performances. If this applies to the character you wish to audition for, then you will need to sing a prepared song of your choice during your audition. You will not be asked to sing in front of the group. Check the character descriptions you are interested in to identify if you need to prepare a song. The song you prepare should be in the musical theatre format.

Registration for Auditions

Auditions will be run over 3 sessions. During registration you will need to specify 1 of the 3 sessions and we will appoint a specific time to you within that time block. The email confirming this will be sent with in 3 days of registration.

To register for an audition you will need to follow this Trybooking Link.

Session 1 - Sat 10:00am to 12:30pm

Session 2 – Sat 1:00pm to 3:30 pm

Session 3 – Sun 10:00am to 12:30pm


Auditions will be held at Eltham Performing Arts Centre, 1603 Main Rd Research.



A prepared audition song is required.
Pan is a boy without a care in the world. Originally written for and cast as a female, this role is for a girl with a soaring can-do spirit who most certainly "won't grow up!" The person who gets this role will need to do it all; act, sing, and be as physical as the part demands.

Lead - Captain Hook

A prepared audition song is required.
Captain Hook, the leader of the Pirates, has a bone to pick.. or rather a Peter Pan to hook! This is the perfect role for a young performer who can sing and act, but above all, has great comedic timing. Though Captain Hook is the villain of the show, he's also a bit of a clown who just can't seem to get what he wants. He has to be as treacherous to the Lost Boys as he is a complete wimp around the Crocodile.


Lead - Wendy

A prepared audition song is required.
Wendy is the eldest of the Darling children and has a certain maternal quality. Wendy is very bright, ever-practical and ready for an adventure! We are looking for a young lady with a warm presence and great singing voice to fill this role.

Lead - Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is the fearless leader of the Brave Girls. She is a friend to Peter Pan and will support him in his endeavours against Captain Hook. The successful Tiger Lily will be a confident actor, singer and dancer.

Supporting - Mrs. Darling

A prepared audition song is required.
Mrs. Darling is the mother of Wendy, John and Michael, and she is the perfect picture of a mother.


Supporting - John Darling

John is the middle Darling child and has an amicable and open presence. A little more proper than his younger brother, John will be a good actor and singer who is the perfect complement to his siblings.


Supporting – Michael Darling

Michael is the youngest Darling boy and seems to have unlimited energy. Michael portrays the youngest and most stubborn of the Darling children. We are looking for someone who can portray a terribly cute disposition.

Supporting - Smee

Smee is Hook's sidekick who wants nothing more than to see Captain Hook succeed in his evil plotting. Looking for a solid actor and a great complement for Captain Hook.

Supporting - Mr. Darling

Mr. Darling is the father of Wendy, John and Michael, and he is a man with one concern: keeping his house in order.

Supporting - Liza

Liza is the Darling's housekeeper who always seems to be in a bit of a frenzy as she tries to keep everyone pleased. This is a great cameo role for a young woman who can make strong character choices.

Nana & Crocodile

Nana is a dog and also the house keeper of the Darling Family. She does not speak. Nana is required to be a performer who has a knack for physicality and be comfortable making bold acting choices.

Like Nana, the Crocodile is a silent part for a performer who has a knack for physicality and will be comfortable playing a wild animal.

Chorus General

The chorus/ensemble consists of 3 groups, Lost Boys, Pirates and Brave Girls. There are many small speaking roles within the Pirates and Lost Boy chorus groups.

Chorus - Brave Girls

The Brave Girls are a group of Neverland inhabitants. They are a fun bunch of girls who are as strong as they are kind. We are looking for performers who are proficient movers/dancers as well as competent singers.

Chorus - Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a group of lads who live in Neverland without a care in the world! We need to cast confident performers (and good singers) in these roles. They are often on stage and take part in many songs.

Chorus - Pirates

The Pirates are a gaggle of villains who are looking to cause some trouble. We will be looking for performers that can act, move well, and aren't afraid to sing! There are great cameo roles within this group of seafarers.