Eltham Little Theatre announces auditions for our season 2 production of I'll be Back Before Midnight, by Peter Colley. The season is April 16 to May 1.


Jan has recently had a nervous breakdown, and her husband Greg, an archaeologist, has rented an old farmhouse in the country where she can recover. When George, the hilarious farmer they rent the house from, tells stories about a terrible murder that once took place in the farmhouse and the ghost that reputedly stalks the night, Jan's imagination gets fired up.


The situation gets even worse when Laura, Greg's beautiful but manipulative sister arrives. Soon Jan finds herself tormented by strange sounds in the night, and visions of the vengeful ghost. Is she having another breakdown? Is someone trying to drive her mad? When she tries to defend herself from this apparition, events take an unexpected turn in a night of unimaginable suspense.


Jan Sanderson    F 25-45

Married to Greg. Nervy and insecure, delicate and vulnerable. She deeply loves Greg and wants to reinvigorate their marriage.

Greg Sanderson  M 25-45

Married to Jan. Charming and quirky nerd type character who is also quite fit (likes jogging) and has a certain sexual charisma. He must appear affectionate towards Jan, however he can also be insensitive and detached.

Laura Sanderson  F 25-45

Greg’s sister. Confident, assertive, sophisticated businesswoman. Sly and highly manipulative. Cool and distant she can also turn on the charm when it serves her purpose.

George Willowby  M 45+

The Neighbour. Comic character. Lovable old farmer who likes to spin tales that are often morbid and frightening. Storyteller with a black sense of humour. Has a wicked laugh.

Other Information:

The two females and one of the males can be anywhere between 25- 45 but all three must be close in age. They will make a married couple and a sister.

The last male needs to be 45 plus and should look older than the other three.

Audition Dates:

Audition dates are Wednesday 27th January and Thursday 28th January, at 7.30pm in the rehearsal room of the theatre: 1603 Main Rd, Eltham.

If you’d like to book an audition or ask some further questions please contact director Jane Carter on 0421227286 or by email.