Season 1

Natural Causes

February 14 - March 1

Written by: Eric Chappell

Directed by: Mel de Bono

Special Production

Gary's House

March 20 - 29

Written by: Debra Oswald

Directed by: Samuel Chappel

Encore presentation - originally presented by Essendon Theatre Company.

Season 2

The Ten Minute Quickies

May 8 - 10

Produced by: Paula Armstrong

Season 3

Oliver! (Youth Production)

July 10 - 27

Based on 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens

Music and lyrics by: Lionel Bart

Directed by: Amy Jenkins

Musical Direction by: Emily Crawford

Choreography by: Amy Jenkins

Season 4

The Wisdom Of Eve

August 29 - September 13

Written by: Mary Orr

Directed by: Susan Rundle

Season 5

Murdered To Death

November 13 - 29

Written by: Peter Gordon

Directed by: Carol Owen