Season 1

Don't Dress For Dinner

March 15 - 31

Written by: Marc Camoletti

Directed by: Jonne Finnemore

Season 2

The Ten Minute Quickies

May 24 - 26

Produced by Paula Armstrong

Script Workshop

Kidnapping Susanne

June 30
Written by: John Tilbrook
Facilitated by: Paula Armstrong
Actors: Peta Owen-Palmer, John Leahy, Phil Holmes, George Iskander, Neil, Amy Jenkins
Audience: Lisa Inman, Jean Russell, Amy Jenkins, Sam Chappel, Roderick Chappel and Lynn Chappel.

Season 3

The Pirates of Penzance Junior (Youth Production)

July 13 - 22

Written by: Sir William S. Gilbert & Sir Arthur S. Sullivan

Directed by: John Leahy

Season 4

Moonlight and Magnolias

August 30 - September 15

Written by: Ron Hutchinson

Directed by Terese Maurici-Ryan

Special Event

Youth Showcase

Culmination of a ten week training course
October 20

Produced by Brooke Cowley

Season 5

Murder at the Music Hall (Music Hall)

November 15 - December 8
Written by: Mary McMahon

Directed by Lisa Inman

Musical Direction by: Kent Ross

Choreography by: Adam Noviello