• The Dresser by Ronald Harwood. Directed by Cheryl Ballantine

  • Bucks’ Night at Susy’s Place by Harry Reade (World Premiere). Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • Red Riding Hood – Youth Production. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • 3 One Act Plays:
    Glory by Steve J. Spears. Directed by Robyn Kampfe
    Roses are Red My Love by Pat Woods. Directed by Maree Hingston
    Family Album by Noel Coward. Directed by Shirley Symons

  • The Club by David Williamson. Directed by David Mitchell

  • Sweeney Todd – Music Hall by C.C. Bond. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • A Flea in Her Ear by George Feydeau; translated by John Mortimer. Directed by Cheryl Fenn

  • Dimboola by Jack Hibberd. Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • The Frankensteins are Back in Town – Youth Production by Tim Kelly. Directed by Cameron Dare, Rebecca McAuley; Executive Director Carole Driscoll

  • Variety Revue (Fund-raising sub-committee). Directed by Jenny Hamilton, Rick Peacock

  • Bon Bons and Roses for Dolly by Dorothy Hewett. Directed by Ian Brown

  • Blush – Music Hall by Members of Werribee Theatre Company. Directed by Les Goom

  • Play On by Rick Abbott. Directed by Cheryl Ballantine

  • Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton. Directed by David Small

  • The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance. Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • Godspell – Youth by S. Schwartz. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • And the Villain Was a Lady – Music Hall by Cheryl Fenn. Directed by Leo Regan

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. Directed by Ian Brown

  • The Wizard of Oz – Youth Production by Frank L. Baum. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by David Small

  • Grease – Youth Production by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey (at Eltham High School). Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • 3rd Annual Variety Revue

  • President Wilson in Paris by Ron Blair. Directed by Judith Muir

  • Love Rides the Rails - Music Hall by Morland Carey. Directed by George Barker

  • Once a Catholic by Mary O’Malley. Directed by Judith Muir

  • Revue Directed by Cheryl Fenn & Bruce Carter

  • In Duty Bound by Ron Elisha. Directed by Chris Bradtke

  • Bugsy Malone – Youth by Alan Parker. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    The Irish Hebrew Lesson
    by Wolf Mankowitz. Directed by Cheryl Fenn
    The Interview by Alan Sillitoe. Directed by Mick Poor
    Have You Seen our Razzo? by Michael Stevens. Directed by Leo Regan

  • The Fantaskicks by Tom Jones & Harry Schmidt. Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • The Firemans Flame – Music Hall by John Van Antwerp. Directed by George Barker

  • The Children’s Hour (Youth/Adult Green Room Production) by Lillian Hellman. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • Charlie’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Play it Again Sam by Woody Allen. Directed by Judith Muir

  • Oliver – Youth Production by Lionel Bart. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • Whose Life is it Anyway by Brian Clark. Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • Fund Raising Revue

  • Babes in the Woods – Music Hall by John Crocker. Directed by George Barker

  • Alice in Wonderland – Youth Production by Lewis Carroll. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • 3 One-Act Plays by Alan Ayckbourn. All directed by Judith Muir
    Black and Silver
    The New Quixote
    The Chinamen

  • Cabaret by Joe Masteroff (book) & Fred Ebb (lyrics). Directed by Ian Brown

  • Prisoner of 2nd Avenue by Neil Simon. Directed by Deborah Pelling

  • Deadwood Dick – Music Hall by Tom Taggart. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Dracula Baby – Youth Production based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • The Hostage by Brendan Behan. Directed by Ian Brown

  • The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • The Promise (Workshop Production) by Alexei Arbutsov. Directed by Ian Brown

  • Loot by John Osborne. Directed by Chris Agar

  • Because Their Hearts Were Pure - Music Hall by Morland Carey. Directed by George Barker

  • Move Over Mrs Markham by R. Cooney & J. Chapman. Directed by Richard Tyler

  • Jack the Ripper – Youth Production by Ron Pember & Dennis De Marne. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • Blush – Music Hall by Werribee Theatre Company. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    The Good Doctor
     by Neil Simon. Directed by Chris Agar. Entered in Hamilton Festival
    Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams. Directed by Deborah Pelling
    California Suite by Neil Simon. Directed by Colin Edgar

  • Company (Australian Premiere) by Stephen Sondheim. Directed by David Wilson

  • Butterfliles Are Free by Leonard Gersche. Directed by Patricia Childs-Green

  • Godspell – Youth Production by S. Schwartz. Directed by Carole Driscoll

  • Further Fortunes of Fickle Fate – Music Hall by Neville Thurgood. Directed by George Barker

  • Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Judith Muir