• Irish Night (including award winning Moomba Production)

  • Bedtime Story by Sean O’Casey. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Directed by Don Pease

  • Boeing Boeing by M. Carmoletti & B. Cross. Directed by Philip Lumb

  • My Three Angels by R. & B. Spewack. Directed by P. & C. Cantrell

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    The Showdown by A. Booth. Directed by Dorothy Dare
    La Musica by M. Duras. Directed by Patricia Childs
    The Anniversary by Anton Chekov. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • When We Were Married by J.B. Priestley. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Hello Out There (Moomba Production) by S.A. Royen. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • The Party by Jane Arden. Directed by Patricia (Paddy) Childs

  • South Pacific by Rogers & Hammerstein. Directed by Valma Bolton

  • Hot Summer Night by Ted Willis. Directed by Don Pease

  • Riders to the Sea (Moomba Production) by J.M. Synge. Directed by Joan Scott

  • Old Time Music Hall Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Hobsons Choice by Harold Brighouse. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Children’s Production Directed by Sheila Cullen, Belle Rothwell, Laine Smith

  • The Paragon by R. & M. Pertwee. Directed by Philip Lumb

  • Summer of the 17th Doll by Ray Lawlor. Directed by Barbara Langland

  • Sweeney Todd the Barber adapted by Brian J. Burtoo from George Dibdin-Pitts’ Victorian Version of the Legend. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Pools Paradise by Phillip King. Directed by Belle Rothwell. (First play in Research Hall)

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    Ride a Tiger
     by Anthony Booth. Directed by Barbara Langland
    Fumed Oak by Noel Coward. Directed by Sheila Cullen
    The Mask by H.M. Harwood. Directed by Don Pease

  • WIld Goose Chase by Derek Hanfield. Directed by Barbara Langland

  • Old Time Music Hall Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    A Man Born to be Hanged by Richard Hughes. Directed by Belle Rothwell
    A Trap is a Small Place (presented by Warrandyte Theatre Group)
    Mr. Sampson by Charles Lee. Directed by Jeannie White

  • The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder. Directed by Jeannie White

  • Breath of Spring by Peter Coke. Directed by Pat Hunter

  • The Wooden Dish by Edmund Morris. Directed by Daphne Blair. (Last Play in the Eltham Shire Hall, cnr Main and Arthur Streets)

  • The Vigil by László Fodor. Directed by Jeannie White

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    Lonesome Like
     by Harold Brighouse. Directed by Belle Rothwell
    Lunch Hour
     by John Mortimer. Directed by Wyn McAlpin
    Hullaballoo by Phillip Johnson. Directed by Dorothy Davies

  • Man for the Job by Dennis Driscoll. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    The Trapper
     by Thornton Morrow. Directed by Wyn McAlpin
    Women Within Walls by A.J. Bradbury. Directed by Belle Rothwell
    Life of Hercules Part 1 by Thomas Cruden. Directed by Dorothy Blewett

  • Murder Mistaken by Janet Green. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • Job for the Boy by Dennis Driscoll. Directed by Belle Rothwell

  • 3 One-Act Plays:
    Penny Dreadful
     by M.S. Armstrong. Directed by Beth Hewitt
    When the Old Cock Crows by Joe Corrie. Directed by Jeannie White
    The Outcast by Ronald Hadlington. Directed by Jeannie White

  • Lady Mislaid by Kenneth Horne. Directed by Audrey Ryan
    3 One-Act Plays:
    Home is the Hunted
     by R.F. Delderfield. Directed by George Barker
    Amongst Those Present by Audrey Feist. Directed by Daphne Blair
    Bright Society by Cherry Vooght. Directed by Ros Reseigh